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About Us

Our core business is farm management. Since 2004 we grew Prime Seedless™, Starlight™, Superior Seedless™, and Flame Seedless™.  We exported these to valued trade partners in Europe.  We are proud that our brand Nile Valley Group (NVG) ™, is well established and recognized within our primary export markets.  We also exported a variety of colored Peppers, spring onions, cut flowers & Peanuts.


Our Story

Over the years NVG provides a rather unique service in our region, which is the highest quality of total farm management services to a limited number of key clients. Our management services include a wide array of services ranging from pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, total farm management, selected farm management (development of selected area or crop within a farm) to specialized agricultural consultancies.

Furthermore, NVG’s technical advisory services department, is focused on providing international donors and the NGO community with a technical advisory service which provides the consultancy services of our leading experts in the fields of horticulture, strategic crop production, medicinal & aromatic herbs, pest & disease control as well as a comprehensive post-harvest and marketing advisory service.

Ultimate Goal
to be recognized in the markets in which we choose to operate as a leading agriculture firm that consistently fulfills and exceeds the expectations of our clients.
Mission Statement
To be recognized as one of the region’s leading agricultural operations and industrial firms, producing a wide basket of high quality fruits & vegetables for exportation, as well as a large-scale producer of selected strategic crops.
Core Values
Maintain integrity in all our dealings continue to foster and grow a relationship-based approach with our clients and suppliers, based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

Always remain customer-focused, and strive to meet customer expectations.

Adhere to the most stringent health and good agricultural practices (GAP) and continue to achieve the highest industry certifications for management & food safety standards.

Always remain committed to safety in the food chain by using IPM programs for all our crops which ensures our final products are free from any chemical residues.

Achieve excellence in all our production fields, exceeding required qualitative benchmarks.

Invest in developing our human resources at its fullest potential
Continue developing and implementing environmentally preferred systems & solutions, so as to achieve the lowest carbon footprint in the production & exportation of our crops.
Grow, year on year, our organic business.
Provide our workers, and the adjacent labor communities with direct contributions to the development of their respective communities.

Our Experience

Due to our experience and track record, NVG was awarded the contract for the full provision of technical services to the EL SHAMS project – a USAID funded project managed by Care International with a goal to reach 24,000 small farmers (maximum 10 acres) and develop their agricultural practices to increase their agricultural revenues.

NVG also ventured into the production and export of Table Grapes, Cut Flowers, Spring Onions, Colored Peppers as well as Strawberry exports. We have also grown, under center pivot irrigation systems: Peanuts.