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red onions

Red onions have a more mild and sweet flavour than brown onions and are perfect to eat raw or cooked.


  • Single bulb with a round shape
  • Purple to red outer skin
  • Double layer of intact papery outer skin
  • Firm, crisp texture of fleshy white scales with purple-red edges
  • Mild, sweet to tangy flavour
  • Stems trimmed to less than 50mm in length
  • Roots trimmed to less than 10mm in length

Size and Quality Specifications:

Red Onions are generally sized into 3 categories:

Jarer 50mm – 60mm
Medium 60mm – 80mm
Large 80mm+

* Other size ranges are available on request

Each size can be packed according to 4 separate quality specifications – Premium, A Grade, No 2 and Process.


  • 10kg net
  • 10kg carton
  • ½ – tonne wooden or plastic bin
  • 1 tonne fabric bulk jumbo bag

* Other packaging options available on request


Pricing is based on current global and domestic market prices at the time of application. Contract prices may be negotiated for long term supply arrangements.


Delivery in dry or humidity-controlled reefer road or ocean transport, direct to customer, as required.